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Spiced Chai

Current Issues

Our full issues are released biannually! But we have zines in between!

Rage Room (Spring 2023)

Nude (Fall 2022)

Time After Time (Spring 2022)

Crave (Winter 2022)

Nymphaea (Fall 2021)

Love is Love is Love (Spring 2021)

Ordinary Happenings (Winter 2021)

Metamorphosis (Fall 2020)

Rage Room

Spring 2023 • Issue 6

In these pages, we take space to decompress through an emotion society shames women for expressing: Anger. In these pages, we take space to destroy, to release, to unleash everything in Pandora's Box, let it out, and let it go.


Magazine: $13.99

PDF: $9.99

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Fall 2022 • Issue 5

Full of poetry, art, and photography, our 5th anniversary redefines the concept of “nudity” in the physical, mental, and spiritual sense...

Magazine: $13.99

Instant PDF: $9.99

Time After Time

Spring 2022 • Issue 4

An issue celebrating the things we can't get enough of and venting about the things we wish we could let go. Full of stories, poems, and art, this issue surrounds the idea of time, repetition, history, the things we hold on to, and the things we let go—time after time, again and again.

Magazine: $12.00


Winter 2022 • Issue 3.5

...poetry and art surrounding human desires and instincts. 

Click the pdf for a free read!


Fall 2021 • Issue 3

Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Lotus Flower, or the Egyptian water lily, represents purity, fertility, pleasure, fertility, birth, and peace. With this essence of beauty and transformation, we at Brown Sugar would like to use this issue as an exploration of its significance.

Magazine: $12.00

Instant PDF: $8.00

Love is Love is Love

Spring 2021 • Issue 2

...a literary magazine full of prose, poetry, and art that makes you just sigh and think, "love is love is love..." Click the pdf for a preview!

Magazine: $13.99

Instant PDF: $9.99

Ordinary Happenings

Winter 2021 • Issue 1.5 online literary zine full of tiny poems and short stories about the little moments. The moments others don’t see. The moments we forget days after. It’s the ordinary moments, the mundane happenings, that matter. Poems about washing dishes, or sleepovers. Stories about getting a haircut or catching a basketball game. Stories that are so ordinary that they are full of the atypical. All the little moments we forgot about before we missed them. Find the free full issue here, and enjoy reading!


Winter 2020 • Issue 1

...Take a look at our debut issue, focusing on life's changes, recoveries, discoveries, and what it means to have a metamorphosis...

Magazine: $16.99

Instant PDF: $9.99

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