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Shanille MartinFounding Editor, Director of Publicity     

Shanille Martin is a Black writer based in Brooklyn, NY, but born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. 

Shanille received her BA in Creative Writing and Psychology from Purchase College. After graduating, she worked as an Assistant Creative Writing Instructor at Writopia Lab, while also editing for Radish Media. 


Shanille is featured in various magazines and publications such as Italics Mine, Gandy Dancer, News Week, et al.


Shanille is seeking out memoirs, personal essays, comics, and erotica works that explore sexuality, the mind, the self, and the human connection. Ultimately, she wants personal and intimate stories that capture the experiences of women of color.

Ashley Imanë, Founding Editor, Managing Editor

Ashley Imanë (ee-mahn-ee) is a Caribbean-American writer from Brooklyn, New York. After years of wanting to be a princess, a background dancer for Beyonce, and an astrologist, she finally decided to become all of such through the adventures of her characters. During her time at SUNY Purchase (and her descent into the dark side known as Fanfiction and Wattpad), Ashley was a Poetry Editor for Italics Mine Literary Magazine, a Children’s Managing Editorial and Production Intern for Simon & Schuster, and a Writing Instructor's Assistant for Writopia Lab. 


In 2019, after graduating from college with a degree in Creative Writing (Fiction Concentration), she began her pursuit of a career in publishing. A natural busy-bee, you can find her either teaching middle school ELA lessons, feeling the burn in weekend dance classes, freelance editing by request, working on Brown Sugar, or fangirling over her favorite novels. Currently, she interns for Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.


Ashley loves to read Young Adult, New Adult, and Women’s genre fiction. Specifically, she loves all types of romance, paranormal, fantasy, suspense, and/or fiction that delves into deep themes such as grief, loss, identity, struggle, and other sensitive topics in current events and today's political climate that are overlooked within the black community.