Our Mission

Dear Reader,


Brown Sugar began with an off-hand comment—Ashley belted, “Let’s start a literary magazine!” after expressing her disappointment with the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. The comment led to an uber ride between friends as we discussed what we’d want from the magazine and what our aesthetic would be. We talked for hours about our name, our colors, our dream for the magazine. After weeks of planning and stressing about all the logistics of starting a literary magazine, we finally launched in June of 2020. 


Before Brown Sugar, we were just friends with a shared love for writing and the literary world. I met Imani my freshman year of college at SUNY at Purchase College. Little did we know that Ashley was also a student at Purchase, but our paths never crossed. 


It was the summer of 2019, the semester before Imani and I would graduate, that we met Ashley while working at a writing summer camp. We were instant friends, as Ashley and other counselors took Imani and I under their wings. 


A year later, we’re here, hoping to make even a small change in the publishing world by highlighting the voices of women of color, all women of color. We understand the silencing, the marginalization, the missed opportunities. We understand the experience. 


Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


Currently, our magazine is running on voluntary action. We ask of anyone who supports our mission to donate, so we can upkeep our magazine and provide printed copies of our current and future issues. If you’d like to donate to our magazine, the link to our GoFundme is below.


Lots of Brown Sugar kisses,


Yours truly,