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Four Writing Challenges

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

These challenges are designed to change the circumstances that occur before or around your writing. Humans are habitual creatures. When I was in college and I wanted to write, I went to my special spot on the upper level of the library. If I wanted to be elsewhere, I went to Starbucks, ordered a drink, and sat in front of my laptop. Now, I write at my desk at home. We all have comfort zones. We even have writing comfort zones. But what if a change in behavior, scenery, or mindstate can yield fresh and new artistic expression? This list of writing challenges is designed to change, challenge, or make anew the conditions surrounding your writing. Ready for an adventure? Get your journal ready. 

  1. Go to your closet and choose an outfit or accessory that you rarely wear. It can be something beautiful that you can never find the right occasion for, or it can be a horrible piece of clothing that someone gave you as a gift. Put it on. Leave the house without looking in the mirror and go for a ten minute walk. Keep your head up. When ten minutes are up, find the nearest place you can sit and write a poem.

  2. Sit somewhere where you can see people passing by. Look at the first person you see and give them a name. Look at the second person you see and decide where they are  going. Choose a third person and imagine a conflict they might have in their life. Combine these three people into one and write out a dialogue between them and the last person you talked to.

  3. Take a shower and stay naked. Think about the word naked. Sit down. Think about the word sit. Count down from one hundred until you are tired of it. Write something.

  4. Find some paint. Dip your fingers in it. Try to finger paint a poem. 

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