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Nine Gems

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

From birth, baptism, barmitzvah, upanayanam

Ceremonies using water, fire, elements of earth

Rituals followed, the circle of friends, family and

Relatives shower their blessings on the child.

Most cultures have amulets, talismans to ward off evil

Invoking blessings from a higher power to help one

face life’s long journey of trial and tribulations.

Worn around the neck or wrist, prayers are chanted.

Navratna,the nine gems, reflecting the nine planets

with the ruby at the centre, the gem for the sun

the pearl shimmering softly the moon, diamond for

Venus, red coral for Mars, blue sapphire for Saturn

The ancients looked up at the sky cosmology or astrology

colours were chosen, yellow sapphire for Jupiter. An emerald for

Mercury, Rahu and Ketu with hessonite and cat’s eye amber

Strung in a manimala, worn as a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Navratna is buried in the foundations of a new home

Given as a gift to a bride, precious stones in a necklace

Worn with love, imploring the planets to shed a gentle

And benign light on mankind’s transient life on earth.

Note: Navratna- nine gems

Manimala- a necklace of gems

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