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The River

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

by Ashley Fields

I was born by the river and oh, what a beautiful thing the river is, the river was, the river accented. I was born by the lively trees and syrup maples and the honey oaks and the blossoming violets and poppies. I was born by the sunrise, the beautiful oranges, reds, purples, rising over the indigo as the moon became trapped below the banks. I was born by the sounds of trickling waters and the ticklish breath of Zephyr. I was born under a blanket of warmth, soft feathers, and cloudy fur. I was born by the scent of berries and bread. I was born by a beautiful mystery and great scenery.

But then time touched it and I was set as well.

I was set by a river and oh what a nasty thing the river is, the river was, the river accented. I was set by leafless trees and hollow willows and the haunting branches and the lifeless black roses and weeping lilies. I was set by a sunset, the dead blues, and charcoal slipping into the night as the moon ascended above, taunting, mocking, and laughing at me. I was set by the noises of roaring waters, rapids, crashing through the rocks, and the harsh wind of Boreas. I was set by the scent of rotting flesh and metal.

I was birthed by happiness and beauty, but I was ended by pain, loneliness, and all the other benefits death placed upon me. I had lived a blind puzzle, a treacherous mystery. And that river, that beautiful and nasty river carried me. It took me home.

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