Literary Zine

Submission Guidelines

Brown Sugar is a womanist* (feminist of color) literary magazine. We are for womyn, womxn, and women of color. We are for misrepresented and unrepresented multicultural races, sexualitiesreligions, and identities. We accept various forms of content that capture the BIPOC experience—the womanist perspective. Our Winter/Summer literary zines are meant to encapsulate the experience of all persons of color, including non femme-identifying persons of color. 

Currently, we are not open for submissions for our Zine. Come back soon for reading periods and theme announcements! 
But if you'd like to prepare in the meantime, see our guidelines below!

Check out our current zine,

Ordinary Happenings

Guidelines for All Submissions

*We strongly suggest following all guidelines upon submitting. Submissions that follow short may not be considered. 

  • Please send all solicited and unsolicited submissions to All submissions received elsewhere will be invalid. 

  • All materials must be original content, and unpublished. We do not accept work previously published in other literary magazines. Upon submitting, please notify us if your work is being considered for other publishers/literary magazines. 

  • We accept multiple submissions, however, we only accept up to 5 Poetry pieces, 3 Prose pieces, and 5 Art pieces per submitter. Please submit each genre separately.

  • In the subject line of your email, please state your Name and the Genre of your submission.  (Ex. Ashley Imanë, Fiction)

  • Please provide the following information in the body of your email:

    • Title(s) of Submission(s)

    • Brief 1-2 line description of submission(s). 

    • Your pronouns.

    • A brief bio, we would love to know if you are a new or experienced creative. 

Specific Guidelines for Zines

Prose: Fiction

We accept genre, experimental, and literary flash fiction. 

  • We will not consider work that exceeds 5-pages or 1,000 words

  • Please submit in a Microsoft Word Document.

  • Garamond 12 pt. font

  • Double spaced with 1-inch margins

  • Pages must be numbered



We accept nonfiction including memoirs, creative essays, and listicles.

  • We will not consider work that exceeds 5-pages or 1,000 words.

  • Please submit in a Microsoft Word Document.

  • Garamond 12 pt. font

  • Double spaced with 1-inch margins. 

  • Pages must be numbered


We accept short or micropoetry.

  • You may submit up to 5 poetry pieces

  • There is no specific word limit for Poetry submissions, but we will not consider work that exceeds 1 full page.

  • Please submit in a Microsoft Word Document.

  • Garamond 12 pt. font

  • Single spaced with 1-inch margins


We accept most forms of art, so long as it can be photographed for print. We accept visual and graphic art, photography, sketches, line art, doodles, and comics.

  • Please submit visual work in ONE of the following forms: JPEG, PDF, or PNG

  • You can submit up to five images as attachments in your submission email.

  • Comics must not exceed 5 pages. 

  • Comic pages must be numbered.

Terms of Submissions

  • Please allow us 1-2 weeks after we close for submissions for a response from us on your submission.

  • The submitter has rights to their work throughout the entire process with Brown Sugar. However, we do request credits for original publishing. We do not accept work accepted elsewhere or published elsewhere. 

  • We reserve the right to edit, and to pull from projects that we find no longer fitting during or after the editing process. 

  • We currently are unable to compensate our writers due to funding. Brown Sugar runs on volunteers and the free will of our editors. Any donations for printing purposes would be helpful and greatly appreciated.