“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.”


—Alice Walker

Brown Sugar is an online womanist literary magazine for women, womxn, and womyn of color, of any nationality, sexuality, religion, or cultural diasporas that are misrepresented and underrepresented. This is a platform and space for womanists to take command of their creative expression. We aim to capture and promote the diverse cultures and living voices of women with all kinds of backgrounds and identities through poetry, prose, and art.

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"Love is Love is Love,"

a literary magazine full of prose, poetry, and art that makes you just sigh and think, "love is love is love..." 

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Dear Reader,

Brown Sugar began with an off-hand comment—Ashley belted, “Let’s start a literary magazine!” after expressing her disappointment with the lack of diversity in the publishing industry. The comment led to an uber ride between friends as we discussed what we’d want from the magazine and what our aesthetic would be. We talked for hours about our name, our colors, our dream for the magazine. After weeks of planning and stressing about all the logistics of starting a literary magazine, we finally launched in June of 2020...

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Meet The Team


Shanille Martin

Founding Editor, Publicity Director

Ashley Imanë Fields

Founding Editor, Managing Editor

Kiana Livingston

Contributing Editor

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