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Brown Sugar is a womanist* (feminist of color) literary magazine. We are here for the healing of womyn, womxn, and women of color. We are for misrepresented and unrepresented multicultural races, sexualities, religions, and identities. We accept various forms of content that capture the BIPOC experience—the womanist and intersectional perspective. Give us all of your art, poetry, fiction, and more, with the exception of work based on Covid-19. This is a time of hardship, loss, and uncertainty, so while we accept those themes, we would like to respect our readers and release content that strays away from the topic of the pandemic.  17+

*Please note that our Winter/Summer literary zines are open to ALL people of color, not only femme-identifying.

Now, would you like to submit to our biannual zine or main issue?

Click for specific submission guidelines!

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